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Saffron Peda (Kesar Peda)

9,29 Ex. / 200 Gram

Flaked with cardamom and garnished with Pistachio and Saffron. If you grew up in India, these traditional pedas will create a nostalgic feeling of home.

– Made with fresh farm milk in in Netherlands.
– Shipped in 2-3 business Days.
– Delivery across EU.
– No artificial colours or preservatives.

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Authentic Indian Saffron Peda (Kesar Peda) prepared with farm fresh milk, flaked with cardamom and garnished with Pistachio and Saffron. Made with a traditional recipe shared by the royal family of Bharatpur. As with laddoos, pedas are sometimes used as prasadam in religious services.


200g (5-7 Pcs)




Milk, Clarified Butter (Desi Ghee), Cardamom, Saffron, Cashew, Sugar


Contains Milk (or milk based products), and Tree Nuts (Cashews, Pistachio)

Best Before

5-7 Days.


– Divine Bites does not use any artificial colours or preservatives. The actual color might vary depending on Saffron
– Milk based product, keep refrigerated.
– Best served at room temperature.

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Weight200 g