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Black Gulab Jamun (Kala Jamun)

7,49 Ex. / 200g

One of the most popular Indian Wedding Sweets.

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Black Gulab Jamun (Kala Jamun) is an exotic indian sweet prepared with milk solid known as khoya or mawa. Kala Gulab Jamun is a delightful Indian dessert that puts a unique twist on the traditional sweet treat. These dark-hued delights are made using the same base ingredients as regular Gulab Jamun, such as khoya (reduced solidified milk), sugar, and a hint of cardamom for fragrance.

The longer cooking time caramelizes the sugar content, giving the jamuns a rich, intense flavor with a slightly crisp exterior. Despite the darker appearance, the inside remains soft, spongy, and utterly indulgent.

Kala Gulab Jamun is often enjoyed during festive occasions, celebrations, and family gatherings. The contrast between the dark exterior and the syrupy sweetness makes it a visually appealing and irresistibly delicious treat, adding a touch of sophistication to the classic Gulab Jamun experience.


200g – Approx 4-5 Pieces




Gram Flour, Sugar, Saffron, Almond Slices, Pistachio, Ghee, Saffron, Turmeric, Dried Rose petals, Coconut


Contains Milk (or milk based products), and Tree Nuts

Best Before

Around 7 to 9 days. While it’s still okay to eat beyond that period, the absence of preservatives means the contents may become dry, and the taste won’t be as delicious as when the box is fresh.


  • Divine Bites does not use any artificial ingredients or colors in any of the products. The actual product color might differ slightly due to the ingredients.
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