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Traditional Indian Sweets & Snacks

divine bites

Food is not just fuel for our bodies; it is an experience. It is a celebration of rich flavors, exotic spices, and divine aromas. The recipes used to make these dishes have been in our family for generations. Others I have collected over the years from local chefs and royal families in India. I hope you relish these as much as we enjoy making ‘em.
100% Vegetarian

All of our preparations are 100% vegetarian. Only plant and milk-based ingredients. No animal fat, meat, or eggs.


Finest Nuts, fresh farm produce, and local agro products. Most of our recipes use jaggery, dates, or honey instead of processed sugar.

sustainable practices

We care for the quality and this planet. We discourage the uses of one-time plastic and promote clay and plant leaves for packagings.

Fresh | Healthy | Exotic


Made with local farm produce, fresh milk, finest dried nuts, exotic herbs, and a never-ending passion for keeping it healthy. We care because we want you to buy with confidence

This summer, treat yourself to the authentic and d

5,99 Ex. / 300ml

Make Indian Masala Chai in your home with Divine B

3,99 Ex. / 300ml

Mohan Thal gets the name from Lord Krishna, being

8,99 Ex. / 200g

No festival or religious ceremony can be complete

9,99 Ex. / 200g

One of the most popular Indian Wedding Sweets. <u

7,49 Ex. / 200g

One of the most popular Rajathani Sweets during th

9,49 Ex. / 200g

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  • Wide selection of snacks, desserts, and all kinds of street food (Store only).
  • The true Indian experience in a chic and cozy setup.
  • Thursday to Saturday - meal of the day.
  • And not to mention, Kadak Masala Chai!

Spread happiness and joy

no occasion necessary

Ditch the age-old chocolate box and common, done-to-death gifts. Select from our finest collection of offbeat, gourmet hampers that are so good; no one would ever think about regifting. From delicate plain treats to the ones filled with crushed pistachio, figs, and saffron. Oh, did we mention, we only use biodegradable packaging like clay pots and plant leaves.

The most exquisite gourmet treats, authentic culinary delights, and seasonal delicacies. The hampers are made using wood, clay, and flower petals. Respecting sustainability and responsible living.


Thoughtfully-crafted gift boxes featuring the most premium selection of luscious flavors. Makes an ideal gift for housewarming, parties, weddings, and some times, for yourself.


Heart to heart

You are in good company

We are humbled by the kind words and generosity of our guests and customers. This is what keeps us going. No words can describe how thankful we are!
I never thought, vegetation food could be this flavorful. You have to try some to realize what are you missing.
Bart Sigmond
Amazing Snacks, even better desserts. I have been living in Europe for quite some time and I definitely missed Indian desserts here. Not anymore... thanks to these guys.
Harpreet Singh
It is easy to be a vegetarian when the food is this great. I can eat this every day!
Maarten Kasanmoerawi

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