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Our mind and bodies have an emotional relationship with food. A festival or special ocassion can’t be complete without a delecate piece of sweet. The divine aroma, rich texture and the magical feeling of traditional Indian Sweets is all you need to make a special day exceptional. That is why we have designed Divine Bites Signature Gift boxes for traditional Indian desserts and snacks. It is not just a box of sweets; it is a scrumptious experience!

Each festival uniquely tied to certain food and sweets. Diwali is no exception and therefore we handpick a selection of gourmet treats to make your Diwali Special.


Only the finest and most exotic treats make it to Diwali gift boxes. Some of these are not even part of our standard menu. An exclusive treatment for the selected few.


All of our preparations are 100% vegetarian. We only use plant and milk-based ingredients. No animal fat, meat, eggs, or artificial colours and preservatives.

Beautiful | Gourmet | Luxurious

exquisitely DELICIOUS

Made with local farm produce, fresh milk, finest dried nuts, exotic herbs, and a never-ending passion for keeping it healthy. We care because we want you to buy with confidence.

Celebrate Special Occasions with Divine Bites Fest

73,99 Ex. / Basket

Celebrate the festival called life with Divine Bit

23,99 Ex. / Basket

Celebrate the festive season with Divine Bites Lux

64,99 Ex. / Box

Celebrate life with Divine Bites Special Gift Box.

20,99 Ex. / 400g

Celebration begins with Divine Bites Signature Gif

22,99 Ex. / 400g

Celebration begins with Divine Bites Signature Gif

11,49 Ex. / Box

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  • Wide selection of snacks, desserts, and all kinds of street food (Store only).
  • The true Indian experience in a chic and cozy setup.
  • Thursday to Saturday – meal of the day.
  • And not to mention, Kadak Masala Chai!

You are in good company

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We are humbled by the kind words and generosity of our guests and customers. This is what keeps us going. No words can describe how thankful we are!
I never thought, vegetation food could be this flavorful. You have to try some to realize what are you missing.
Bart Sigmond
Amazing Snacks, even better desserts. I have been living in Europe for quite some time and I definitely missed Indian desserts here. Not anymore... thanks to these guys.
Harpreet Singh
It is easy to be a vegetarian when the food is this great. I can eat this every day!
Maarten Kasanmoerawi

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