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Rabri Ghevar

12,99 Ex. / 200 Gram

Due to the warm weather, Rabri Ghevar is available at our retail store only. It is not suitable to ship during this weather and thus it is not possible to order on the webshop.

Malai Ghevar, also called Rabdi ghewar (or Rabri Ghevar), is a Rajasthani delicacy usually made during Rakshabandhan and Teej. Prepared with a traditional recipe shared by the royal family of Bikaner, Divine Bites Signature Rabdi Ghevar will leave you craving for more. The rich texture and exotic flavour makes the Rabdi Ghevar an all time favourite. This is one of the top selling products from Divine Bites signature collection.

  • Prepared with fresh farm milk in Schiedam.
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  • Rated 5 Star by our customers.

This product is only available at the store


Ghevar is a Rajasthani Sweet traditionally associated with the festival of Teej. The honeycomb base is soaked in sugar syrup and iced with thick milk cream and assorted dried nuts. As per Ayurveda, the months of Shravan and Bhadrapada i.e. July-August-September are predominated with Vata and Pitta. This causes dryness and acidity in the whole body, resulting in restlessness and mood swings. Sweet and ghee laden Ghevar provide relief from the acidic and moist environment. They have Vata and Pitta calming properties due to the ingredients. Thus, they have a calming effect on mind as well as the body.


200g (Approx 15 CM x 3.5 CM round)


Plain Flour, Clarified Butter (Desi Ghee), Cardamom, Saffron, Pistachio, Cashews, Almonds, Sugar, Rabri (A sweet, condensed-milk made by boiling milk on low heat until it becomes dense and changes its colour to off-white and some nuts added)


Contains Milk (or milk based products), Flour, and Tree Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Pistachio)

Best Before

3 Days


For shipping orders, Rabri is packed separately. Please spread it evenly on the base and wait for 15-20 minutes before serving.

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Weight200 g