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Slow Roasted Dry Fruit Besan Ladoo

8,99 Ex. / 200g

Divine Bites Signature Besan Ladoo. Slow Roasted Traditional Indian Besan Laddu with dried nuts and Cardamom.

– No artificial colours or preservatives.
– Dried nuts are great source of protein and energy.
– Made in Schiedam.
– Free Shipping in NL for orders above 99,99
– Delivery Across Europe.

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Besan Ladoo is round dessert balls made with gram flour (Chickpea flour) called ‘besan’ in Hindi and hence the name. It is one of the most popular sweets during the festive season, family events, and religious ceremonies in India.

Divine Bites Besan Ladoos are made by slow roasting gram flour with ghee and dried nuts. These exotic laddos have a golden brown appearance with a nutty aroma and a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Besan laddos have a long shelf life and make an excellent afternoon snack.


200g (approx 4-6 pcs)


Low – Moderate


Pistachio, Gram Flour, Ghee, Cardamom, Sugar, Almonds, Cashews, Saffron


Contains Milk (or milk based products), and Tree Nuts (Cashews, Almonds, Pistachio)

Best Before

13-15 Days. Store in a cool and dry place


Divine Bites does not use any artificial colors or preservatives in products. The actual color might slightly vary depending on the Gram Flour.

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